How to remove IWD One Page Checkout?

These’re feedback from our customers that IWD One Page Checkout make their website working slowly in checkout step.
So we make this guide to help anyone who want to remove OPC and use the default one of magento (work perfect fines), Please check and follow step by step:
If you want continues use IWD OPC , please download latest version

  • Disable compilation mode. To get it done go to System -> Tools -> Compilation.
    Compilation   Tools   System   Magento Admin
  • Disable Merge JavaScript and CSS Files . To get it done go to System -> Configuration -> Developer.
    Merge  Tools   System   Magento Admin
  • To remove One Page Checkout files, please remove:
    app/locale/de_DE/IWD_Opc.csv – if exists
    app/locale/es_ES/IWD_Opc.csv – if exists
    app/locale/nl_NL/IWD_Opc.csv – if exists
    app/locale/ru_RU/IWD_Opc.csv – if exists
    app/design/frontend/base/default/template/opclib/iwd – if exists
    lib/MaxMind – if exists


    if OPC version is 3.2.6 or older:

    if OPC version is 3.2.7 or newer

  • Clear cache, logout admin then login again

Thank you !

 Notice : Remember backup before making any change