Magento Quick Start Guide

Theme support

Please read this user guide carefully, it will help you eliminate most of potential problems with incorrect configuration of the theme and Magento. If you don’t find the answer to your questions, please refer to this chapter for more information about support policy: Support policy.

Magento support

Magento configuration, installation, maintenance, customization etc. is beyond the scope of our support. But since Magento is very popular platform you can find tons of useful tutorials and articles on the web. Here are some resources for start: Help & Support.

Important things you need to know before you start using Magento

  1. When developing your store you should completely disable Magento cache. Enable it after you finish configuring your store: Caching system.
  2. After making changes to your store such as editing products, adding categories etc. you need to reindex the data: Index management.


To start using this theme you only need to take a few quick steps:

  1. Install the theme: Theme Installation
  2. Enable the theme: How to enable the theme.
  3. Flush and disable Magento cache: Caching system
  4. Import static blocks and pages provided with this theme: Import static blocks & cms pages


Next, you need to configure your store. This theme works “out of the box”, but not all of the features are enabled by default. You might want to take the following steps:

You may find these Magento documentation and tutorials useful while configuring your store: References.

  1. Disable Magento cache before you start configuring your store: Caching system.
  2. Upload your logo: Logo.
  3. Configure your theme

Fresh Magento installation

If you have just installed a fresh copy of Magento you should also:

  1. Create categories: Categories.
  2. Create products.
  3. Reindex the data after creating categories and products: Index management. You need to reindex after making any changes in Magento catalog.

Theme customization

For more information about theme customization refer to Magento Theme customization.

Demo products

To install demo products and categories you can use the sample data from the official Magento site (it must be installed prior to the basic Magento installation):