Magento Help & Support Policy


You may find these sites useful while installing and configuring your Magento store:

Magento installation

Magento help

Online Magento guide

Magento Go differs from Magento Community Edition but most of the functionality is the same so this knowledge base might be very useful.

There are many tutorials, acticles and forums to help you learn how to use this Magento theme and its features.
This section provides helpful links to instructions on commonly used this Magento template features, but you can learn even more by exploring these resources:

Our Mageno Theme is not only a friendly interface, but also an impressive and beautiful design. So, It will surely meet the highest of your business objectives. With this user guide, we hope you will know how to install & use this template daily to support your business activities effectively.

If you are unable to find answers to your questions, please feel free to post them in HelpDesk, or contact to us. We’d be glad to help you. Once again thank you so much for using our company’s product.

Support policy

This user guide was created to help you quickly configure the theme – please read it carefully, it will help you eliminate most of potential problems with incorrect configuration.

Important: please note that as authors of this theme we are able to provide support only for the features which we created and for the issues related strictly to this theme. Also We DO provide magento services such as: Magento configuration, installation, maintenance, customization etc.

Theme support

If you have any issues with the theme, please send us a support ticket here and one of our support representatives will assist you. We will respond as soon as possible (within 24 – 48 hours, usually much faster). Please try to not repeat questions which are already answered in the user guide. This will be much appreciated.

Questions about Magento

Elements such as category management, product management, checkout process, payment methods and many others are standard Magneto functionalities (not related to the theme) and are beyond the scope of our support. How to get Magento support:

  1. If you have some questions about Magento itself, please refer to the following websites, almost every detail of Magento configuration was discussed there so you will find answers for most of your questions::
  2. Magento forum –
  3. Magento Stack Exchange –
  4. –
  5. The best place to start searching is chapter Magento configuration in thi suser guide. It covers some of the basic Magento elements.
  6. In the Online Magento Guide you can find all the basic Magento settings and many other useful information.
  7. You might also want to check the other sites referenced in Magento help such as Magento Go Knowledge Base or Magento Go Video Tutorials.

Theme customization/modification support

Customization/modification of Magento themes is a very large subject and in some cases can be very complex. Due to that we’re unable to provide help or support related to the theme customization. For more information about how you can customize this theme, refer to How to modify the theme.

Third-party extensions

This theme may not be compatible with some third-party extensions. It’s impossible for theme authors to make the theme compatible by default with all existing extensions because there are thousands of available Magento extensions. Only the “default” Magento theme is compatible with all third-party extensions, because all extensions are designed to work with it. But authors of the extension should provide detailed instruction about how to integrate the extension with custom themes, since nobody really uses “default” theme, everybody uses custom themes.

Generally all extensions can work with all themes but they sometimes have to be integrated manually. That’s because sometimes the extension and the theme override the same Magento template file so there can be a conflict. In such cases you need to customize the theme and merge two conflicting template files into one template file.

This isn’t something specific to our themes, this is general rule for all Magento themes and extensions.


Unfortunately third-party extensions are beyond the scope of our support, please contact the author of the extension if needed. Author of the extension should provide detailed instructions about how to integrate the extension with any custom theme.

How to install

To work with this theme, an extension should be installed in theme’s directories, not in the “default” Magento theme directories. To be more specific: extension should be installed in the main directories of the default theme in the MT Soul design package. Here are the main directories of MT Soul

• Template files: app/design/frontend/mtsoul/default

• Skin files: skin/frontend/mtsoul/default

where mtsoul is the name of the design package, and default is the name of the default theme in the package.

In many cases you only need to upload the extension to the theme’s directories. Sometimes you need to edit layout files to “tell” the theme where it should display extension’s output. If you are not familiar with Magento, you should ask the author of the extension for more information. If you feel that you might have troubles with installing extensions, we advise that you order professional installation services.