Installation of ZooExtension’s Magento demo store

1.Installation of ZooExtension’s Magento demo store

If you already have a Magento store and want to apply the theme to that store, then this guide is NOT for you!

If you want to test the theme and check how the live demo was configured, you can install demo containing all the sample data and settings from our live demo.

Step by Step:

In quickstart package, we include theme package + sample data so you can install fully Magento theme was config the same as in our demo.

  1. Creat a Magento SQL database for Magento to use
     Create empty database using phpMyAdmin or similar tools
    Import Theme Package /database/mt_theme.sql into database that was created

    mysql -u root -p your_database_name <public_htmt/store/database/mt_theme.sql
  2. Install magento:
    • Upload and unzip quickstart package file with magento to the folder on your server where magento should be installed
    • Open browser and proceed to the folder where magento was unzipped and load default Magento setup wizard
    • Follow the wizard’s instructions and finish magento installation
  3. When the demo store with demo sample data is installed Refresh and Disable all the Magento cache & Reindex magento data.
  4. After Install Quickstart, in Catalog > Manage Categories . You should select each categories and save to make it work properly.


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